The Art Program

The Vision

What began as an opportunity to collect significant works of art for a prized residential building in Brooklyn Heights, developed into an investigation into a range of cultural and artistic perspectives reflecting the diversity of urban New York.

The Pierrepont’s amenities spaces are appointed with the art of six women of varied backgrounds and artistic perspectives. Their work was selected based on the caliber of their craft and the specific works we all agreed would be beautiful and inspiring to live with.

We are pleased to present this art collection by six American women whose styles range from bold and monumental to the subtle and detailed, from near monochromatic, quiet use of color to the wide and bright spectrums of the color wheel.

Anila Quayyum Agha

Anila Quayyum Agha explores cultural and social issues that affect women in patriarchal societies. Agha’s girlhood in Pakistan exposed her to both Islam and Christianity. The influences of different faiths and cultures inspire her installation work in which light cast through geometric, Moorish patterns expresses contrasts of shadow and light. Agha’s work can be found in numerous museum collections throughout the world.

  1. Untitled Work From “All The Flowers Are For Me” Series [Location: Pierrepont Entrance Vestibule]   1/3
  2. Untitled Work From “All The Flowers Are For Me” Series [Location: Staircase]   2/3
  3. Untitled Work From “All The Flowers Are For Me” Series [Location: Lobby Garden]   3/3

Athena Latocha

Athena Latocha uses shredded car tires, earth materials and natural inks on large scrolls of paper to create monumental landscapes. Born in Alaska of Native American (Lakota and Ojibwe) decent, the vast open landscape vistas of her childhood inspire LaTocha to create works that enable her to “immerse herself in the painting…working from the inside out.” Her works are researched in both un-trampled wilderness and the industrial sites where humans have intervened.

  1. Pierrepont [Location: Main Lobby]   1/2
  2. Painting #7 [Location: Amenities Floor, Living Room]   2/2

Cheryl Warrick

Cheryl Warrick creates mixed media, layered paintings that include landscape, language and archetypal symbols. She has studied all forms of wisdom, inspired by quilting, art traditions and her African American roots. Her father’s military career required the family to move to various cities both here and abroad. In Warrick’s words, “The landscape is a constant. It is the container for our human experiences and holds all of our stories.”

  1. A Good House [Location: Amenities Floor, Sanctuary]   1/2
  2. Blossom, Key 2, Half The Work [Location: Amenities Floor, Sanctuary]   2/2

Evangeline Gala

Evangeline Gala photographs portraits and landscapes in the Hudson Valley. Born and educated in Mexico, she came to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she focused on jewelry and fashion, ultimately creating a successful career in fine jewelry design. All the while Gala’s interest in photography grew. She converted her kitchen into a dark room and continued to develop her skills in composition with an eye for capturing what she calls the “magic moment.”

  1. Prado [Location: Amenity Floor, Dinning Room]   1/2
  2. Arbol de Otono [Location: Amenity Floor, Dinning Room]   2/2

Fredericka Foster

Fredericka Foster uses oil paint to capture the character of water; allowing imagination to explore its rhythms and forms. In addition to her accomplished, long standing art career, Foster teaches, writes, curates, and increasingly directs her efforts to the protection of this natural resource essential for all life. She asks us to “Think about Water,” to value, celebrate and defend it.

  1. Bay Sunset Revisited [Location: Montague Elevator Lobby]   1/1

Maria Lobo

Maria Lobo investigates “putting order on chaos” in her paintings that often render patterns as she answers the question “where do we fit in time and space?” She was born and raised in Asia, then trained in art in Italy, Spain and the United States. It was only after Lobo was deeply involved in her professional art career that she realized that the echoes of Chinese scroll paintings and the symbols and images of her childhood were continuously appearing in her work.

  1. Worlds Converge [Location: Amenities Floor, Living Room]   1/1

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